Rio Grande Pickups

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Based in Houston, Texas, Rio Grande Pickups was founded by Bart Wittroc in 1993. Bart had a long history of repairing and dealing vintage guitars when he decided to take his knowledge of vintage guitar tone and apply to his own line of custom guitar pickups. Rio Grande pickups was born from Bart's knowledge and passion! All Rio Grande pickups are custom wound and made in the USA by tone connoisseurs. Rio Grande makes a wide variety of pickups. They offer the usual Strat, Tele, and Humbucker replacements, but you'll also find replacement pickups that aren't as common - J-Bass, P-Bass, ASAT, P-90, 7-String, and Jazzmaster.

Popular Rio Grand pickups include the Vintage Tallboy Tele Classic Set, which is as close to 50s Tele tone as you can get without a time machine, as well as the Vintage Tallboy Set, the company's best-selling Strat replacement pickups. For players who need just a bit extra beef in their sound, Rio Grande offers the "Muy Grande" replacement pickups for both Tele and Strat. Their "Barbeque Bucker" humbuckers are also popular and provide the same rich, vintage tone that makes Rio Grande pickups so popular. Find your new or used Rio Grande pickups for sale with our affiliate partner eBay below today!
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